The Website Installer located in the Webtania Web Hosting Control Panel gives you an easy and fast approach to create a fresh site along with a custom appearance within 5 minutes. It merely requires just a few simple steps for your web site to be on the web. You can actually select from more than two hundred readily available website templates and once it is completely ready, you’re able to control your new site with ease. We’re going to provide you with login credentials for the administration area and you will be able to start including brand new pages immediately. If perhaps, anytime, you need assistance – the computer engineers are on hand 24 hours, willing to assist you.

The Website Installer can be acquired each shared website hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans offer coming with the Webtania Web Hosting Control Panel.

An Immediate Website Installer

Release your brand–new site with only a click of the mouse

If you aren’t experienced with HTML and CSS, it may be very hard to work with a site installation without any help – if you don’t take advantage of user–friendly site production applications like our instant Website Installer that is built into the Web Hosting Control Panel. To use the application, you only need to decide on a style and design template for use on your website and after that set it up with just a mouse click. You don’t have to possess virtually any site building experience to kickstart your website. You can add brand new webpages and submit text content and photos with them really effectively. If you don’t like the tweak you’ve made it is easy to revert it and repeat the process. It’s all really simple to control.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Site Templates Available For You

Install your brand new website with merely a mouse click

To help you bring a new site on the Internet as soon as possible, we have crafted a line of website themes to pick from. Based on the purpose of your site, you will find an amazing theme for your blog site or online gallery or perhaps the optimal design for your personal portfolio. All themes are available for completely free use within your Web Hosting Control Panel. We have been working to make completely new website templates depending on the most recent design tendencies so as to supply you with a better option for your personal sites.

200+ Free Templates

Get Hold of Us 7 days a week for Guidance

The tech specialists are available day and night

We have been in the website hosting marketplace for quite a while now and also have a crew of qualified technicians to assist you with virtually any issue you might have using your site(s). At the same time, you are able to consult with the Frequently Asked Questions as well as the excellent line of step–by–step instructional videos that address the generally inquired queries and provide answers to the most frequent issues. With our 1–hour answer–back time period warranty that we trim down to twenty min’s in non–busy hours, you’ll receive well–timed assistance at any time.

24/7 Support